A love note to Sylvia Plath

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.
–Sylvia Plath

Spot on Mrs. Plath. Her confessionalism style of writing is something I often attempt to mimic because of it’s raw no-nonsense manner.
I am a chatterbox by nature. Often words escape me before common sense, social etiquette or basic rationale are considered. It seems as though my thoughts are those of an encyclopedia britannica or an Energizer; they just keep going and going and going. My husband says “I could listen to you talk for hours… and I do” which is no stretch of the imagination. Through the deliverance of writing I’m able to tame my thoughts, allowing me a moment to exhale from the constant that is my mind.
An overflow of ideas is something that can drive a woman to lose her senses. I recently read a piece of Scripture that as I understood it states: a fool uses too many words while the wise sit quietly and wait on God’s word. Although I am taught to submit to the teachings of the bible without question, I admittedly was turned off by this reading. For me words are an exposition of passion in my life that should not be silenced. I live among the intense ramblings of my psyche and can only calm the storm with written expression. Last night I read another scripture that says not to be discouraged because God provides us with words… this is somewhat contradictory to the first reading and that is baffling to me but the only way I make sense of it is that maybe His words are planted within me and that is where my desperation to write derives from.
Artistic creativity in any format is a means to a problem; writing dulls the pain, heals the wounds, expresses the joys, and drowns the sorrows. Writing is a form of therapy that I rely on and practice daily through journaling, blogging, and bible study. Like Mrs. Plath, these words and feelings in me can not be tamed but once placed on paper they will be still.

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.
–Sylvia Plath

(Written on my Samsung Galaxy Note in the airport, if there are errors I apologize.)


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